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DF One-shot: Kissing in the Weird Future

January 30, 2022
Time travelling cherubs sent by C.U.P.I.D. attempt to convince argumentative murder machines to fall in love, with the fate of the intergalactic peace council hanging in the balance. A hippy punk nudist, a gothic slenderman fairy, and a fast food worker with a desire for chaos attempt to save the world using their own weird futuristic approach.
Featuring Laura as the DM - Twitter.com/LauraKBuzz  
Stacey as Ephemera - Twitter.com/GeekRemixAlot 
Joa as Skillet - Twitter.com/PussyFullaWasps 
Amelia as Skittles - Twitter.com/SubliminalSiren 
Kissing in the Weird Future is a tabletop one shot written by Dice Funk regular cast member Laura Kate Dale, and available as part of the book "Pretentious Games for Villains and Bastards". With a focus on minimal stats to track, and collaborative worldbuilding based on randomized prompts, players attempt to make aliens kiss to save timelines from disaster.
You can get a digital copy here: https://dont-hurt-birds.itch.io/pretentious 
You can listen to the podcast where Kissing in the Weird Future originated here: https://guidelines.buzzsprout.com/1200497/8354905-let-s-make-a-game-with-laura-k-buzz-kissing-in-the-weird-future 

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