Dice Funk - D&D Comedy

DF One-Shot: Thirsty Sword Lesbians

October 31, 2021
Edgar Allan Hoe is the hostess of the game show Treats 4 Tricks where the points don't matter and you might die! Elissa the Devoted (they/them), Zarai the Spooky Witch (fae/faer/they/them), and Soliloquy the Beast (she normally / it in beast form) compete for their lives and Miss Hoe’s affection.
Amira Aro (they/them)
Jane (she/her)
and for Twitter, blog (including the cookies we mentioned) and Redbubble  https://streamerlinks.com/Janeiac
Phoenix Toothill (they/them)
Give my girlfriend money at https://twitter.com/Janeiac
Joa (she/they)
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